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About YSVC

YSVC is a social initiative that intertwines the principles of benevolence with strategic financial foresight: Impact investing. Impact investing, an investment philosophy built on the dual pillars of tangible societal and environmental betterment alongside monetary return, forms the backbone of YSVC’s mission. It’s not merely about financial growth; it’s about creating a legacy of positive change. With YSVC’s vision set on addressing the profound issues in sectors like sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, and basic human necessities such as health, education, and housing, YSVC uses its financial expertise not just to navigate but to shape the future. More than just a fundraising entity, YSVC curates a unique ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs, particularly those who find themselves at the crossroads of areas critically impacted by climate change. Through a selection process, YSVC identifies and supports ventures that not only show promise in their sector but also possess the potential to leave an indelible mark on the environment. But YSVC’s contributions go beyond mere financial support. YSVC has assembled an elite team of experts, visionaries, and industry leaders, who impart invaluable knowledge, mentorship, and guidance. This fosters growth, innovation, and sustainability, ensuring that these companies don’t just survive but thrive and lead in their respective domains.

Our Requirements

To be eligible for our investment, your startup must be in its initial stages of operation. We’re looking for groundbreaking products or services that contribute towards mitigating climate change, promoting green technologies, or advancing sustainable practices in any sector. Your startup must have a tangible output to show — a working prototype or a market-ready product. We would appreciate a photograph of your model or product as part of your application. Together, let’s turn great ideas into sustainable realities.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Youth Sustainable Venture Capital program is to foster the growth of startups that are committed to combating climate change, developing green technologies, or promoting sustainable practices across various sectors. We believe that innovation holds the key to addressing the world’s environmental challenges, and our program aims to empower young entrepreneurs who share this belief. Our ultimate goal is to create a global network of startups that are not only financially successful, but also significantly contribute to the wellbeing of our planet.


  • June 20th: Grant application submission due
  • After that, we will schedule a zoom call to your contacts if your company is selected