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Youth SDG Art Competition is completed! Please enter to see all the winning and participants’ art exhibition. Congratulations to Top 10 Winners! Please enter the 2022 Youth SDG Art Exhibition to see all the winners and participants’ art work.

Boyu Guo holds a Master of Education Degree from Harvard University. She is also the founder of the non-profit organization “Eco Young Creative Education.” She is actively cooperating with Arctic Initiative scholars at the John F. Kennedy School of Government about arctic environment protection education projects. This project is also sponsored by Harvard Innovation Lab’s Social Impact Fellowship Fund. Her artworks on environmental protection are also selected for The Art of Climate Action produced by the United Nation.
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YSAC Introduction:

YSAC (Young SDG Art Competition) is created to inspire our youth to innovate high-quality solutions to
environmental problems through art. Partnering with major international education collaborators, we aim to
expand the positive impact of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—a collection of
globally shared goals to serve as a universal blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. YSAC
aims to challenge the ambitious and creative minds of Gen Z in understanding the concept of “sustainability”
and applying it towards a better future. Through this exhibition, YSAC will take young artists on a mission to
educate the next generation on environmental sustainability and inspire action.

What You Can Win?

Cash Prizes

$ 0
$ 0
$ 0

YSAC goals:

  • Improve understanding of SDGs and associated challenges, research skills and creative expression
  • Build an international community of artists who will work in interchangeable design teams on art ideas
  • Apply critical thinking in understanding the complexities of the problem and solutions
  • Instill confidence in tackling complex socioeconomic challenges through creative problem-solving

Participants will receive:

  • All participants will receive a YSAC Certificate of Participation; the top 10 outstanding creators voted by
    the judges will receive a certificate of award and prize money.
  • Works will be displayed on YSAC platform online art exhibition page, which can help encourage future
    applicants to begin preparing portfolios.
  • This exhibition is purely charity (registration is free). All rights are reserved to their respective creators.

2022 Theme: Future Foods

Food systems have a huge impact on climate change. Agriculture alone contributes to about 11% of greenhouse gas emissions, and over a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions come from food production in general.

The multitude of environmentally straining processes involved in food production—from heavy machinery used in manufacturing, to being packaged in plastic and transported across the country, all contribute to a very large carbon footprint.

YSAC is determined to help spread awareness of food carbon emissions and the environmental consequences caused by pollution, ocean dead zones, and livestock production.

Choose a theme to create:

Option 1:
Plants are planted on the roof of each skyscraper. Micro vegetables, edible flowers, and interesting herbs are growing in vertical agriculture. Community gardens play an important role in developing independent food systems… Use your imagination to show the farms and gardens in the city in an art form.

Option 2:
What are your visions of the food of the future? Scientists expect that by 2040, due to the lack of resources, people will have to eat bugs, seaweed, jellyfish… Use your imagination to present a picture of the future table in the form of art.

How to submit:

Open Call for Submissions for Artists and Climate Activists

All types of 2D visual art submissions are allowed, including:

Drawings/Illustrations, Paintings, comics 

(other medium is welcome as well)

Submissions should refrain from including language or images that are inappropriate, derogatory, or obscene (objectionable, offensive, or violent). The YSAC can disqualify teams at its sole discretion.

Deadline of submission:

Online exhibition date: