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Youth Ambassador Program
Social Impact Investment & Sustainability Annual Conference​

1.How to submit:
All aspiring ambassadors must email their proposal to by May 30th at noon EDT in order to be considered for the ambassador position.

2.For more specific information about the requirements of the proposal, please click the following document:

Download YAP Activities and Requirements PDF

The conference consisted of one main forum and three high-end roundtable dialogues, covering ten topics including ESG, carbon neutral and metaverse related government management, rule of law and environment, social responsibility, investment and finance, manufacturing and production, research and technology, certification and trading, green consumption, sustainable procurement and global collaboration.

Program Description

  • Students from 12-25 years old are welcome to sign up for this conference. The youth program includes a few events. UN Leadership Program is optional and provided by the UN which has a $600 tuition fee (discounted member rate). All other events are free.  To attend all these events, you just need to sign up once. You will receive a conference agenda and notice.

  • Those who participate in all the above activities and pass the evaluation will receive both the United Nations Youth Leadership Certificate and the Youth Ambassador Certificate from the SIIS2022 Organizing Committee.

  • UN Youth Leadership Program:

    1. Participants who have passed the assessment of the Advisory and Mentoring Committee of the United Nations Global Year of Leadership Program will receive a certificate from the United Nations agency. Note, this program is paid program ($600 discounted member rate)

    2. Participants who receive the UN Youth Leadership Certificate and continue to complete the series of professional training will receive priority recommendations to participate in the UN internship program.

  • The Junior Ambassadors’ activities certificate.

    1. Those who pass the assessment will be awarded by the organizing committee of the conference and receive the SIIS2022 organizing committee’s certificate for the Junior Ambassadors’ activities certificate.

    2. The winner of the Student Ambassador Certificate will be preferentially recommended to participate in the United Nations International Talent and Diplomacy Program and will be preferentially recommended to participate in the United Nations Internship Program.

SDG & Carbon
Neutrality Youth

UN Youth

UN Youth Leadership Program

To better support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Youth 2030: United Nations Youth Strategy, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) launched the UN Youth Program globally. It aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge on climate change, economic and social development, science and technology, and to encourage youth to pay attention to global issues such as environment, public health and climate change, and to enhance their creativity, leadership, decision-making, collaboration, communication and implementation through training, research and practice.

The project aims to share knowledge about climate change, economic and social development, science and technology using the SIIS conference platform and the global knowledge and business networks of the United Nations and other specialized agencies, to encourage youth to pay attention to global issues such as social impact investment, sustainable development, and environmental climate change. It hopes to foster international youth leaders and innovators with a global perspective who can solve complex problems in the future.
The organizing committee will recruit young people (12-25 years old) from all over the world, mainly university and high school students and young entrepreneurs to participate in activities related to SDG, carbon neutrality, impact investment and SIISC 2022 with guest panelists.
Participating youth will be required to select any of the following SDGs to practice in their school, community, or country.
  • Conduct a presentation or lecture to become a pioneer in promoting the UN SDGs.
  • Organize an interest group study or field trip to become a UN SDG action pioneer.
  • Conduct a thematic questionnaire survey, prepare a research report and propose solutions to the problems identified to become a pioneer of creativity.
Submit the above results in the form of illustrations/drawings or videos to the expert jury for evaluation, and the best works will have the opportunity to be shared and published in relevant international events (organized by the United Nations and other international organizations).
  1. Opening remarks by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
  2. SDGs and carbon neutrality knowledge sharing session by the UN officials.
  3. Youth leadership and diplomacy training course provided by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).
  4. Participation in the digital art/drawing HACKATHON event for young people, led by the Digital Economy Collaboration Innovation Lab (DECIL) in the United States. The winners will receive a prize and the winning artwork will mint NFT, the proceeds of which will be partly donated to the SIIS Conference.
  5. Participation in the dialogue forum organized by DECIL on the theme of digital art/Metaverse and sustainable development for young people.
  6. Participate in the Impact and ESG Investment Fundamentals Training organized by Scholars of Finance (SOF);
  7. Participate in the “Global ESG, Metaverse and Sustainability Dialogue” organized by Scholars of Finance, StudentPort and Youth Entrepreneur and Finance Association (YEFA);
  8. The “Global Majority Year ESG, Impact Investing and SDG Forum” and participated in the intergenerational dialogue.
  9. Participate in the impact investing and ESG sharing event organized by SIIS.
  10. To submit a presentation on SDGs, ESG and carbon neutral solutions, and participate in the dialogue with the conference guests.
The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), established in 1963 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is the highest level executive body of the United Nations General Assembly, with two functions in the UN system: training and research. The training function is to help the 193 UN member states (especially developing countries) train diplomatic government officials in international cooperation through international training and conferences, thereby promoting global cooperation for the common development of all mankind; the research function focuses on major issues in the fields of world peace, security, economy, society and education.

Sustainability, Impact and
ESG Investment Training, Cross-generational
Dialogue and Proposal Showcases

What started as a UN CSR initiative more than 20 years ago has grown into a global environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) movement, and Millennials and Generation Z will be at the forefront of the fight for sustainable development and a more equitable society. Through fundamental training, cross-generational dialogue and project showcases, the event will focus on how youth can advance the UN’s sustainable development and carbon neutral goals and increase their social impact on through ESG and impact investing, and provide practical advice on potential career paths in related fields.

Scholars of Finance (SOF) is a fast-growing international youth finance nonprofit organization on a mission to inspire and develop the character and integrity of future financial leaders. StudentPort is a global GenZ community of 1800 student leaders featuring 200+ student-ran organizations, startups, and initiatives. Youth Entrepreneurship and Finance Association (YEFA) is a high school student-run nonprofit organization with a mission to empower the younger generation to be financially literate and business-minded, and to encourage youth entrepreneurship and social responsibility to better serve their communities.
Through engaging thousands of young people around the world in relevant training, project proposal submission and intergenerational dialogue, we will promote young people’s understanding and attention to the UN’s sustainable development and carbon neutrality goals, encourage young people to think about how to change society through impact and ESG investment, and provide practical suggestions for their participation and career development.
28 February – 10 April 2022
Youth Ambassador Application and Call for SDGs, ESG and Carbon Neutral Project Proposals or Ideas
the evening on April 16, EST
SOF Social Impact and ESG Investment Foundation Training (90 minutes)
8:30-10:20PM on April 23, EST
Cross-generational Dialogue – Zooming into the Future: How Youth Can Impact Society through ESG Investing
– 8:30-8:35: Remarks by Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations 
– 8:35-9:30: Cross-generational Dialogue moderated by Serena Ding 
– 9:30-9:50: Presentation of SDGs, ESG and carbon neutral proposals by 3 Youth Ambassador candidates and expert comments
 (5 minutes each) 
 9:50-10:20: Interactive session with questions

SustainaDAO Digital Art Hackathon and Thematic Dialogue on Metaverse and Sustainability

  • Youth and the community are invited to participate in the SustainaDAO Digital Art Hackathon to express their understanding and concern for the SDGs through digital art

  • Award ceremony and exhibition of winning digital artworks

  • Dialogue on Digital Art, Metaverse and Sustainable Development.

Digital Economy Collaboration Innovation Lab (DECIL), is a nonprofit organization based on Silicon Valley, USA, that is dedicated to advancing blockchain technology, facilitating collaboration needed for technology adoption, and building a more sustainable ecosystem to bridge the gap between crypto communities and mainstream. At DECIL, we believe that some of the most pressing challenges of our society, such as sustainability, can be better addressed with a decentralized collective effort that ensure the transparency, longevity, and interoperability.
To promote the understanding and attention of youth to sustainable development goals through the process of digital artwork creation
Through the discussion of digital art and Metaverse, the youth will learn about Metaverse and be encouraged to think about how to achieve the integration of Metaverse and sustainable development goals.
26 February – 30 March 2022
Hackathon Online Call for Digital Artworks
16 April 2022 (the evening on April 16, EST)
Hackathon Online Award Ceremony
24 April 2022
SustainaDAO Digital Art Hackathon panel
– 10:35-10:40 Hackathon launch team speechy-General of the United Nations 
– 10:40-10:45 Hackathon introduction video
– 10:45-11:20 Award-winning entries and speeches by award-winning representatives
11:20-11:50 Digital Art, Metaverse, Sustainability Dialogue (4-6 panelists)
– 11:50-12:00 Question and Answer Session