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YEFA Local School Chapter Membership

YEFA Local Chapters Benefits ​​

Access to free financial literacy and investment classes

Access to YEFA’s various conference and competition with cash prizes

Hours served for the club are Qualified to receive the president service award​

Excellent students gain access to free mentoring

Availability for remote or onside Summer internship opportunities

Starting a YEFA School Chapter


  • At least 5 members
  • No school approval necessary  

Getting started:

  • Complete the registration form
  • Follow your school’s instructions to apply for a club! 
  • If your school does not have that process, you may set up a meeting with the school’s principal or any other member of the personnel who could help you create this club! 
    • Find a club sponsor (AKA the teacher that lets you use their room for meetings)
  • Once your club is set up, start setting up your meetings! 

Benefits/ Opportunities

  • School-affiliated YEFA clubs will be able to have members compete in competitions, attend seminars, and learn from curriculums.
    • Past events: YSIC ($10,000+ in cash prize), International High School Social Impact Conference, YSAC


Tiers are determined by the number of people who are in the School Chapter each year:

  • Bronze: 5 members
      1. A virtual pat on the back (and a cookie and role on discord)
      2. Registration Certificate
  • Silver: 10 members
      1. YEFA School Chapter Silver Certificate
  • Gold: 25 members
      1. YEFA School Chapter Gold Certificate
  • Platinum: 50 members
    1. YEFA School Chapter Platinum Plate


Resources will be provided in this shared folder as they come along

School Chapter Roles

  • Leader: The leader is the person in charge of the School Chapter. This person can be the founder, or someone else if the founder graduates or abandons their position. 
  • Secretary: Write meeting minutes for each meeting, and update the club’s member count, details, and information through our monthly update forms.


Meeting Guidelines

In the meetings, members can discuss the topics YEFA shares through its resources or learn about them. School Chapters may also operate as investment or entrepreneurship clubs. Leaders are free to set up meeting contents however they want, as long as it covers finance.

Monthly Update Forms

Each School Chapter is required to fill out the monthly School Chapter form. In this form, you will have to disclose the number of members. At the beginning of each school year, the school chapter may change leaders. This too must be disclosed in the monthly update forms when that change occurs.

Stay updated!

Join our discord server for the latest updates about competitions, events, seminars, and more!

Be a Member

Reap the awards of all the benefits, opportunities and resources, available for you.