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The International High School Social Impact Conference (IHSSIC) is an engaging and inspiring event focused on empowering high school students to create positive change through their nonprofit ventures. IHSSIC provides a platform for young social entrepreneurs to present their social initiatives to a group of hundreds of actively voting audience members from around the world.

Who are we?

Youth Entrepreneurship and Finance Association (YEFA) is an IRS-approved 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Since our start, more than 30,000 students have signed up for our free workshops and courses. Moreover, we also heavily focus on SDG and ESG awareness among the younger generation, and emphasize the importance of education, zero carbon, and zero hunger initiatives. Join us, and help us pave the way for a better world!


Open registration June 9th
Close registration June 23rd
Open Submission June 28th
Close Submission July 10th
Event: July 13th