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Teach Finance for Global Impact (TFGI)

About Us

Why join TFGI?

YEFA (Youth Entrepreneurship and Finance Association) launches the Teach Finance for Global Impact – TFGI Program with Viswise Academy.  YEFA believes that early and ongoing financial education can increase intergenerational outcomes, including the skills to manage decision-making, navigate the unexpected, and chart the path to reach goals consistently.

Who can be teachers?

All the students (who successfully completed the Viswise Academy Youth Investment program and earned Young Financial Analyst YFA) will be qualified to teach other young students in the community or online using YEFA’s TFGI curriculum. We will open the registration and provide training and help each participate to form a local youth investment club or contribute his/her knowledge to the community. 

What's the impact?

TFGI is a free program to enroll for everyone who is interested in learning basic finance and investment. The curriculum YEFA and Viswise Academy developed will be translated to multi-languages. This is a great oppotunty for young people to practice knowlege and apply it to make a bigger social impact.  The more knowlege people have , the better life decision people can make.  

Essential Skills to be a Successful Teacher

Communication skills


Problem Solving Skills