Advisory Board

Angelene Huang

Founder and Chairwoman of Alliance for Impact

Board Director of The Chinese Finance Association (TCFA)

Guest Instructor at United Nations UNITA

Former Head of Treasury at a Top Hedge Fund

Satya Tripathi

Founder & CEO of Global Alliance

Former UN Assistant Secretary-General

Former Head of UN’s multiple Divisions

Yan Jin

Senior Vice President

Investor Relations and

Operations Finance and Transformation

@ Eaton, a Fortune 300 Company

(by market cap)

Harrison Ding

CEO of Multiple Listing Network Co. INC

IBM global Council Chair for Subcontract Services

Founder of HiElites Education

Diverse leadership experience with Fortune 500 companies

Raymond Mathis

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Viswise Academy

Former Equity Management of Tati NY Inc

Former Portfolio Manager at Spirit of America investment Funds

Former Senior Equity Research Analyst at S&P Global

Hope Yin

Director of Alliance for Impact Career Department Center

Head of Engineering Engagement @ a top U.S. Bank

PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, C.ORE Specialist

Executive/Leadership/Career Coach

Fortune 200/Former Fortune 25 Technology Executive

Entrepreneur | Influencer

Marc Naddell

Director of Alliance for Impact Career Department Center

Co-Founder of MyT. Coach

Former Senior Executive at Fortune 500 companies

Veteran global executive and board member for companies based in Silicon Valley

Frank Lin

Director of Viswise Academy Finance Education

Founder and managing director of Ancilla Capital Advisors of Alternative Investment

CEO of Atrata Inc

Former Senior management at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and other global investment firms

Former Head of Quant Analytics for Morgan Stanley Real Estate

Executive Board

Scarlet Song

CEO of YEFA, AFI Youth Community

Yuxuan Lin

Head of Research and Student Advisor

Qingwei Meng

Data Analysis and Tech Support

Monica Orellana


Regan Liao

Webpage Developer


Darren Zhang

Webpage Developer

Jiyang Xia

Video Editor