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Alexander Zhang

Co-President of Programs

Fairview High School,

Boulder, CO, USA

Hey! I’m Alex. I’m currently building (and breaking) things in technology, investments, and education. While leading growth at a stealth social media startup, community building at an edtech nonprofit, and building next-gen marketing infrastructure with Bill, I enjoy being thoroughly humbled both in 18U hockey and on Lichess. At YEFA, I hope to expand youth entrepreneurship and give back.

Bill Xu

Co-President of Operations

Co-President of YEFA Canada

Montreal, Quebec, CA

Hey! I’m Bill and I love to bring the world of Finance and Computer Science together. I am currently working on a marketing infrastructure company with Alexander Zhang and an energy-efficient flooring company backed by the Brilliant Catalyst. I wish to share my passion in Finance and Entrepreneurship through YEFA. Oh yeah, I also enjoy working out.


Grace Zhang

Co-President of Marketing

Hamilton High School,

Chandler, AZ, USA

Hello! I’m Grace Zhang, and I’m looking to go into economics and finance, and community service is a big part of my life. I’ve played competitive volleyball for nearly 8 years, and I love indie pop and alternative music. I would list my achievements but my LinkedIn is pretty comprehensive 🙂

Amber Dong

Co-President of Finance

Emma Willard School,

Troy, New York

Hi, me and my team make sure that YEFA is doing well financially through setting up budgets, getting sponsors, and hosting fundraisers. Additionally, I am also the Student Council Representative at my school and a YSIC finalist

Cynthia Wang

Co-President of Marketing

Davis Senior High School,

Davis, CA, USA

Hello~ I’m Cynthia! In YEFA, I’m in charge of managing marketing timelines, meetings, and tasks. I’m interested in the field of economics and econometrics, and I have a (traumatic) history of competition math. Outside of school, I love to explore music, art, and other languages, and I’m a track & field athlete.

Suri Yilin Li

Co-President of YEFA Canada

Co-President of Operations

Havergal College,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I’m Suri! I’m interested in economics and entrepreneurship through the lens of social impact as well as philosophy. Through YEFA, I want to share my passion and vision with my surrounding community. Outside of school, I am a competitive fencer who has been stabbed (legally) for 8 years. In essays and short stories, I hope to voice my worldview while capturing the smaller moments of life.

Stanley Xu

Co-President of YEFA China, Shanghai 

American School, Shanghai, China

Heyo! I’m Stanley, and I’m interested in the study of science, technology, and society. I’ve been a soccer player turned badminton player turned hockey player turned tennis player turned cross country runner. I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a forensics impromptu speaker. Through YEFA, I hope I can offer more opportunities to international students.

Lily Peng

Gen Z Career Path Seminars Founder


Hello, I’m Lily Peng. I’m dedicated to using advocacy to create positive community change. I lead Gen Z Seminars and founded Project Lotus for AAPI cultural celebration. With 8 years of debating experience, I achieved the US Rank 1 in my Freshman year and recently became the World Champion in International Public Policy Forum Debate. I advocate for racial equity and representation at state and local legislatures, including the Maryland General Assembly. I’m the first Student Commissioner for Howard County’s AAPI Commission, also serving as Corresponding Secretary. I captained my Mock Trial team to a 2021 State Championship. Beyond this, I play viola in the GT Youth Orchestra, enjoy traditional dance, and teach public speaking and debate to empower youth.

David Jiang

Gen Z Career Path Seminars


Hello, my name is David Jiang, and I am passionate about promoting financial literacy and connecting microeconomic principles with data science. With YEFA, I invite seasoned professionals to speak about potential career paths. I also hold an administrative role in my school’s Key Club, and we collaborate with local organizations to provide community service opportunities to students. I am thus quite dedicated to community service, as I am also involved in multiple other volunteer nonprofits. I hold a particular affinity for music, as I sing for regional and national competitions, and I made Indiana’s All-State band for oboe last year. In the coming years I look to continue my community service, and perhaps enter into a finance-related career.


Raymond Mathis

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Viswise Academy

Former Equity Management of Tati NY Inc

Former Portfolio Manager at Spirit of America investment Funds

Former Senior Equity Research Analyst at S&P Global

Satya Tripathi

Founder & CEO of Global Alliance

Former UN Assistant Secretary-General

Former Head of UN’s multiple Divisions

Marc Naddell

Director of Alliance for Impact Career Department Center

Co-Founder of MyT. Coach

Former Senior Executive at Fortune 500 companies

Veteran global executive and board member for companies based in Silicon Valley

Angelene Huang

Founder and Chairwoman of Alliance for Impact

Guest Instructor at United Nations UNITA

Former Head of Treasury at Two-Sigma Investment (Hedge Fund)

Hope Yin

Head of Engineering Engagement @ a top U.S. Bank

PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, C.ORE Specialist

Executive/Leadership/Career Coach

Fortune 200/Former Fortune 25 Technology Executive

Entrepreneur | Influencer

Frank Lin

Founder and managing director of Ancilla Capital Advisors of Alternative Investment

CEO of Atrata Inc

Former Senior management at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and other global investment firms

Former Head of Quant Analytics for Morgan Stanley Real Estate