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Youth SDG Art Competition is completed! Please enter to see all the winning and participants’ art exhibition. Congratulations to Top 10 Winners! Please enter the 2022 Youth SDG Art Exhibition to see all the winners and participants’ art work.

1st Place – Lighthouse Wu 11th Grade

In the future, giant bugs live on earth and city people feast on their unlaid eggs when the bugs die. High in protein and carbohydrates. Yum!

2nd Place – Jiaxi Yu 10th Grade

Due to lack of resources, an increase of technology usage urged. Scientists and engineers developed a new method to feed the large population of starving souls—a food synthesizer. Not only had it fulfilled the ravenous people, at the same time, its functions as a machine worked hastily and perfectly for one’s appetite. Just a few buttons, you’ll fill your tummy. However, the manufacturer requires a massive amount of human labor to proceed. Perhaps, AI, or you may call the Artificial Intelligence, qualifies for the work.

3rd Place – Maggie Xin 8th Grade

Dipping more than just toes into the world of genetic modifications is quite a considerable solution for the
scarcity of resources. Eight legged spiders are quite normal but what about an eight legged chicken? A new item may be coming to supermarkets in the near future.

Special award: Henry Matisse Award for the Best Use of Color to Express Emotions

I drew this art piece to represent the current world and what it’s doing to Mother Nature. Humans continue to destroy the world, and Mother Nature can’t do anything other than watch the once healthy planet she cared for slowly rot away, herself going with it.

4th Place – Mary Wolter 9th Grade

A colored pencil piece depicting the cartoon mask soulless companies use to conceal their practice of killing animals for meat. The clock in the background symbolizes five minutes: five minutes left of the pig’s predetermined lifespan set by humans and five minutes to cook the meat. This also shows the future of preservatives in processed foods, notice the mark openly displaying “only 15% sodium nitrate” as if that is a good thing. This was inspired by companies proudly highlighting the absence of trans fat in their products. Title is “Five Minutes”.

5th Place – Oceane Qian-Feuillat 7th Grade

This is the short menu of a restaurant in 2042. 20 years from now, it describes friend jellyfish, crunchy ants with cesar salad, and seaweed cake.

6th Place – Heming Liu 9th Grade

I have lovingly worked into this piece, adding texture and color, light and shadows. This piece is inspired by NASA
space food, in my imagination, due to the lack of resources in 2040 human would have to eat compressed food and algae. Choices of meat and vegetables would be very limited, so I drew squids and octopuses, and some 3D
printed lettuces. I wanted to create a calm and peaceful mood so I used warm colors like yellow, brown and red. I added green as well as blue to create some contrasts in my piece.

7th Place – Eleanor Hao 10th Grade

My piece includes factors from space trash which ultimately affects the earth, with food and the future of possible fruits. The different pipes and satellites represent how outworldly factors also affect the earth just as much as human produced land waste.

8th Place – Kathy Huang 7th Grade

A sick Hawksbill turtle swims through a dark, polluted, trashed ocean. Its surroundings is a muddy dark. On its shell, humans have turned to turtles to use as platforms, due to sea level rising. Machines and factories are built on top of it, further diluting the air and worsening the state of the turtle. In a sea of gloom and solitude, the turtle resorts to eating garbage.

9th Place – Vivienne Song 8th Grade

My artwork shows a world that has been so tainted by humans that there is no more land where plants and crops can no longer grow naturally. Everywhere is too overcrowded with buildings, all the rooms jammed by the excessive amount of people there are now. The soil in this world is soaked with oil and chemicals, the air is thick with smog and not breathable without a mask, humans have needed to start planting their crops on their own buildings to survive. Us humans have ruined this world.

10th Place – Angel Xiao 10th Grade

Vertical farms integrated into everyday lives.